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The journey of Faridpur City started on 31-12-2012

Faridpur City started its journey by promoting Faridpur to the world. Faridpur News, Life Journey, Development, Civic Issues, Developing Talents, Culture, Tradition, Contributing at All Levels Faridpur City.com

The aim is not to isolate the people of Faridpur from outside Faridpur.
Discovering Faridpur is the beginning of finding out where the beauty of Faridpur is hidden. Sometimes this upazila, sometimes that upazila, sometimes in remote villages, sometimes in inaccessible pastures.
We have all the correct information of Faridpur through all our representatives
And pick up the right news.
We cherish the tradition by highlighting all the cultures of our Faridpur. Highlight all the sights in the world. We rush to disaster prone areas with relief supplies and medical supplies.
Faridpur City has been carrying out numerous social activities such as taking up tree planting programs, finding blood donors and helping to find the missing person.
Faridpur City is presenting objective news to the entire people of Faridpur.

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